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New Generation Hostel works for me.

I'm going places. I want to have fun and I like challenges.

I am looking for a job that fits in my life and leaves me the choice to be inspired by what I do: growing along side my team colleagues, making new friends, and building a career.

I know that at New Generation Hostel every team member works with energy and motivation to learn new skills.

New Generation Hostel is the place for me, because I know that from here on in, I can go further than I thought possible.

I am making my move. Let's talk.


Managers lead shifts making sure customers get a fast, accurate, friendly experience at every visit. But some managers also lead Departments. These managers’ responsibilities may include managing assigned Systems, like Training and Inventory Management, setting goals, delegating tasks to their teams, following up, and reporting results back to their team and other managers.

The Customer Care Department Manager’s responsibilities may include making sure Crew and Managers deliver a great customer experience, that sales promotions are done well, that all staff are trained in service procedures, and that the Customer Care Department is organized for the best service.

The H. R. Department Manager’s responsibilities may include making sure the hostel hires qualified crew, trains them well, and schedules them to meet hostel sales and profit goals. This manager’s responsibilities may also include making sure Crew feels part of a team and is motivated throughout their time working with us!

The Welcome Crew Department Manager’s responsibilities may include making sure the hostel is in perfect condition and that all maintenance and cleaning staff are trained in procedures, and that the Welcome Crew Team delivers great service to customers by giving information and communicating new promotions, as well as guarantee control and security on the premises.

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