Our pledge to you, our ‘Stellars®, that we look after you, with a spirit of service
and professional rigor and continue to offer constant innovation and great value.

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At New Generation Hostel we have been hosting people for over 10 years, that's why today, during COVID-19, we can host our guests with confidence, security and quality assurance.

As always, your safety and well-being are our top priority, so we will introduce new measures to help protect you. Our team will carry out further thorough cleaning and disinfection of the rooms every day. Our team will wear the mask at all times, while guests will have to wear the mask all day until bedtime. We will also have available hygiene spare parts located in the common areas of the hostels, while soap or other personal hygiene items must be requested at the reception and must be kept for private and personal use.
In addition, we have introduced more private rooms and will remove our bar service for the time being.
We are introducing all these measures to help you stay safe and everything we are doing is based on the latest government guidelines, on public health. Of course, all our hostels are equipped with industry-leading filtration systems to keep the air you breathe in the rooms as clean as possible.

We believe that everyone has the right to travel, so for years we have been proud to offer our guests affordable rates. Above all, we want to be involved in reconnecting people with those they love and in a broader sense with their right to live by creating, exploring, and adven- turing an experience that lasts a lifetime.
As always, booking in advance tends to give you better prices. However, we understand that the reservation at this moment may seem uncertain, so we would like to give you peace of mind when you do. By choosing standard rates, you will be able to change or cancel your plans without any modification or additional costs.