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Online check-in is quick and easy.
You can do it online with your booking reference.

Check-in opens at the moment of Booking confirmation. Prior to arriving at the hostel, you must check-in online and save. You must ensure the information submitted is accurate and you must update it, if it changes.
Upon arrival, you must present at the reception in the hostel the documents you have submitted in the online check-in form.

If you change any details of your reservation(s) – like changing your travel document – after checking-in online, you will need to check-in online again and update your booking.

Remember: you can use the gifts won on the wheel of fortune, only if you book on our website.

If you have any technical problems whilst checking in online, please try again later. If you continue to have difficulties, please seek assistance at:

Your identification document must show your picture, if not so, the hostel reserves the right not to let you in.

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Didn't you book directly with New Generation Hostel?

If you didn’t book directly with New Generation Hostel you can still check in by selecting -No account? Find a booking- and entering your surname(s) and booking reference. To make changes, or to manage your booking please contact your travel agent, or tour operator directly.